How do I buy a gift savings bond on Treasury Direct?

There are a few things that are important to note about gift savings bonds at Treasury Direct:

How do I buy a gift savings bond on Treasury Direct?
  1. Gift Savings Bonds are issued electronically only.
  2. The recipient of a gift savings bond must have a Treasury Direct account before you can deliver the bond to them. In the meantime, you can keep the bonus in the Gift Box area of your Treasury Direct account.
  3. Gift savings bonds are not available in entity accounts and listed securities are not available to be purchased as gifts.
  4. When purchasing gift Savings Bonds using the Payroll Savings Plan, be sure to select or create the correct gift registry when you set up or change your Payroll Savings Plan.

To purchase gift savings bonds, follow these instructions:

  • See How do I buy savings bonds on Treasury Direct?
  • When you provide your registration information, if the gift registry you want does not appear in the dropdown box, you can create one by clicking the “Add New Registry” button. Be sure to select the record type you want (Individual Owner, Primary Owner, or Recipient) and click the “This is a Gift” box at the bottom of the Add New Record page.
  • Once you have created the desired record, you will be returned to the Buy Direct page or Payroll Savings Plan page you were originally on with the record(s) added to the list box dropdown.

Gift Savings Bond purchases are generally issued to the Gift Box in your Treasury Direct account within one business day from the date of purchase. If you select a non-business day as your purchase date, we will change it to the next available business day. Where Is The SerialNumber On A Savings Bond?

How do I deliver a gift savings bond?

Note: The recipient of a Gift Voucher must have their own Treasury Direct account. Gift vouchers cannot be delivered to entity accounts.

  • Click the Gift Box tab in the upper right corner of the page.
  • On the Gift Box page, select the button next to the confirmation number of the voucher you wish to deliver and click “Submit”.
  • The Breakdown page will appear. Press “Deliver”.
  • The Delivery Request page will then appear.
    • To deliver the full value of the bond, enter the account number of the beneficiary at TreasuryDirect in the field and press “Submit”.
    • To deliver less than the full value of the bond, select the button next to Deliver Partial Amount and enter the desired dollar amount, the beneficiary's TreasuryDirect account number in the appropriate field, and click "Submit." (Note: You must turn in at least $25 and leave a $25 value for the bonus.)
  • The Delivery Review page will then appear.
    • If you want to change any of the data you have entered, click "Modify" to return to the previous page where you can make any changes you want.
    • Otherwise, click “Submit”.
  • The Delivery Confirmation page will appear to notify you that the transaction has been completed. You may print a copy of this page for your records.

How do I open an account for a minor?

A child account is a custodial account that you can establish for a child under the age of 18 if you are the parent or primary supporter of the child. You may purchase, redeem, receive gifts, and conduct other transactions on an individual account in the minor's name. You can even create a custom name for the account, such as “Benjamin College Fund”. When the minor turns 18 and establishes a TreasuryDirect primary account, you can unlink the securities in the minor's account to transfer them to the new primary account. Note: Child accounts are not available in entity accounts.

To open an account for a minor within an individual account:

  • Click the ManageDirect label at the top of the page.
  • Under the Manage My Linked Accounts heading, click Set Up a Linked Child Account.
  • The Set up a child account page will appear.
  • Fill in all the information for the minor (the field assigned to provide the middle name or initial is optional).
  • Fill out the Give your account a name field.
  • Select Use information from my primary account if you want to use the address and contact information from the account, or you can select Enter information for the new account.
  • Your primary account's Bank Information appears. Instructions are provided should you wish to change the Banking Information, once the minor's account has been established.
  • Read the statements that appear in the Taxpayer Identification Number Certification box, check the box indicating that you agree with the statements, and click "Submit."
  • On the Review page, review the Account Information.
    • Press “Modify” to return to the previous page in order to make corrections.
    • When the Account Information is correct, please review the Certification Statements and click “Submit”.
  • A personalized account name for the Child Account, followed by your TreasuryDirect account number, appears in the upper right corner of the Account Information page. The two arrows inform you that you are now viewing the minor's account. To return to your primary account, click the link above the minor's account number.
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