Alfred Nobel | Biography, Invention & Facts

Alfred Bernhard Nobel was a Swedish inventor. He was also a businessman, a chemist, engineer, and philanthropist. Alfred Nobel was a writer and he wrote a book which is named Nemesis. He owned a company which is known as Bofor in 1894 and he was its owner till his death. Before was a company which was known for manufacturing arms.

Alfred Nobel | Biography
  • Full Name: Alfred Bernhard Nobel
  • Birth: 21 October 1833 in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Death: 10 December 1896 in Sanremo, Italy
  • Father: Immanuel Nobel (Inventor and Engineer)
  • Mother: Andriette Nobel
  • Nationality: Swedish
  • Profession: Inventor, Businessman, Chemist, Engineer, philanthropist.

Early life & Education

Alfred Nobel was born on 21 October 1833 in Stockholm, Sweden. Alfred Nobel's family was of 6 members. His father Immanuel Nobel was an inventor and engineer and his mother Andriette Nobel was a housewife. Alfred never gets married to anyone. Alfred Nobel was the third son of his parents. His parents married in 1827 and had eight children together but only four of them survived to adulthood.

In 1838, when Alfred was five years old his father moved to St. Petersburg and he set up an engineering factory. Immanuel's wife Andriette and their sons joined him in Russia a few years later. Alfred Nobel attended a school from 1841 to 1842 named St. Jakob's school, located in Stockholm, Sweden. Alfred Nobel never attended any University and therefore doesn't have any degree. When Alfred Nobel's family sifted to St. Petersburg, Russia in 1850, he learned from his father about the fundamentals of engineering. Then after he learned from private tutors only and classes in science and humanities are given to him.

After taking classes with private tutors he became capable in chemistry. After this Alfred Nobel visited the United States. In the US he worked under the instructions of American inventor, Naval Engineer John Ericsson. Then after Alfred Nobel returned to St. Petersburg and he started working within his father's company, a company that was known for making military equipment.

Discoveries & Achievements

  1. Alfred Nobel was a scientist, chemist, businessman, Engineer, and writer also.
  2. Alfred Nobel in 1887, patented Dynamite. Nobel found that when nitroglycerin was incorporated in an absorbent inert substance like kieselguhr, it became safer and more convenient to handle. Nobel demonstrated his explosive for the first time the same year, at a quarry in Redhill, Surrey, England.
  3. Alfred noble patented Ballistite in 1887. Ballistite is a smokeless propellant made from two high explosives, nitroglycerine and nitrocellulose 40 to 60 percent ratio, and is used as a solid fuel for rockets.
  4. Gelignite is one of the inventions of Alfred Nobel. He patented it in 1875. Gelignite is also known as blasting gelatine. It is an explosive material consisting of collodion-cotton dissolved in either nitroglycerine or nitroglycol and mixed with wood pulp and saltpeter. Gelignite is widely used in mining and demolition.
  5. He invented the Explosive In 1863. Which is a reactive substance.
  6. Blasting cap is an invention of Alfred Nobel. Which is an explosive device. Blasting caps contain a small explosive charge that in turn sets off a larger attached explosive and are used to detonate an explosive charge.
  7. Alfred Nobel was the founder of Nobel prizes.
  8. Alfred noble held 355 patents.


Alfred Nobel died on 10 December 1896 in Sanremo, Italy, due to a stroke. He gets a cerebral hemorrhage in his villa in San Remo, Italy.

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